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Protein shake after training (50g of protein). To recover test production so it goes back to normal. Also, I would think by now you would know that you can't run

bloodwork straight after PCT. Reply With", 05:16 PM #11 19, oral-only cycle, and offering advice. Please join this discussion about. I know that a lot of people out there are against or al only a nd have the opinion that ' t est should be the base of all cycles'. ANY muscle building dose of any type of AAS will shut you down, period. And with no testosterone you ha e no way of making estrogen - yes, men need estrogen too. I'm finishing my 6 weeks Anavar, Turinabol and ECA stack cycle. Tbol and Anavar, cycle, log and, results within the. I mean if you're not suppressed, your blood work will show us all how wrong we are. I will increase low intensity cardio more and more. With this cycle there should not be need for heavy PCT, but better safe than I will be doing some anyway. Plus vartbol is not easy for first cycle.thats why i didnt. Yes I got. Facts are facts, and the fact is that I got bigger, leaner and didn't have to put needles in my butt. Here i am to give feedback on my closed 2nd cycle. I don't expect to have any big gains but every kilo of lean mu scle mass is welc omed. I deci de d a nandrolone g a ins t test be cause i don't want the sid es, i don't have 18 weeks and i don 't believe it's necessa ry for my goals.

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