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Some women choose to further add-in other anabolics such as Winstrol or oxandrolone, in an effort to increase the muscle building effectiveness of a cycle. Men using Primobolan often end

up in disappointment simply because their dosages are just not enough to see the positive effects. Natural recovery assumes no prior low testosterone condition existed. Now that the common sense warning disclaimer is over. Playing an important role in therapeutic treatment plans, Primobolan is a very popular anabolic steroid among performance enhancing athletes. The oral versions or the tablets are more commonly counterfeited but injectable fakes are common as well. As the injectable version is far more effective, in a performance capacity it should always be your first choice if both are available. In performance circles, the standard female Primobolan dosing range will be at 25-50mg per day. Primobolan, depot and, acetate, for, women Primobolan or, primo comes in both. There is a chance one will notice a few residual androgenic effects such as oily skin, acne, increased facial/body hair growth or an aggravation of male pattern baldness condition. This is simply due to the fact that blood hormone levels are more difficult to control with a slow acting injectable, the user also having to wait many days for steroid levels to diminish if side effects become noticeable. Many claim on such message boards that the hormone does not suppress natural testosterone production making it perfect for a bridge between cycles. Methenolone Acetate is the preferred form but a quality. In European medicine it is not uncommon for Primobolan to be used safely at such a dosage for extended periods of time. This makes side effects like gynecomastia and water retention impossible with this steroid. Female athletes, older or more sensitive individuals and steroid beginners will no doubt find this a comfortable steroid to experiment with. Masteron, because it is easily widely available and can be used as a substitute for Primobolan. This is one of the few anabolic steroids women can use with a high rate. It is not uncommon for a bodybuilder to injectable take as much as 600 or 800mg per week, a range which appears to be actually quite productive.

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